Products made in Insomer

Atenea - Software for integral management of schools

Manage your school easily and visually. All you need is an Internet browser.

Manage your academy from a single application

Manage your courses

Create and plan courses, lessons and their methodology. Students will be notified when the date approaches.

Charges and payments

Receive payment via virtual POS (Redsys), cash or transfer. Finally, download a file with all the transactions.

On-line class notes

Upload .DOC or .PDF files rises to the platform so that your students can acces them whenever they need to.

Mass messaging

Send an email to one shift, an entire course or all your students. Communicating has never been so easy.

User management

Manage who has access to the platform and which sections they can see. Management, teachers or students... if you are missing a role, we can add it for you.

Multi language

The platform can be translated into any language, making it an easily scalable tool.

MercurySMS - Application for managing SMS campaigns

Manage and send SMS campaigns linked to responsive landing pages, ready to be viewed from mobile devices.

Manage your SMS communication campaigns

Mass SMS Messages

Send all the personalized SMS you need from your own provider.

Customize your SMS

Customize each recipients SMS data such as name, surname or date of birth.

Responsive web sites

Using a simple editor, we create simple web pages that are ready to be viewed from mobile devices.


See the real-time results for each of your campaigns and download the data into an Excel file.

Role management

Create users with different privileges depending on your needs: distributor, reseller or end user.

Multi language

The platform is available in Spanish and English. However, it can be easily translated into other languages.

Kualitek vPBX - Your virtual switchboard on the cloud

Reduce your telephone costs by up to 80% and unify communications in your organization into a single solution.

Unify your communications with Kualitek vPBX

5,000 users

Connects up to 5,000 users regardless of their location.

Call now

Call your customers back whenever requested through the website.

Video calls

Make HD video calls.

Call Management

Administer made, received and missed calls directly online.

Call Management

Use any VoIP (SIP) telephone with our system.

Group calls

Multiple extensions can ring when you receive a call.

Platform for managing Human Resources online

With more than 3 million users, OrangeHRM is the perfect tool for HR management in your organization.

Easy and visual HR management

System Administration

Centralized control of the basic HR functions and the organizational structure.

Personal information

Build a database with all your employees' information easily and productively.

Attendance Control

Eliminate manual control of time and attendance for projects, minimizing errors.


Effectively monitor candidates during the recruitment and hiring process.

Employee Self Service

Employees can view and update their personal information without third parties, saving time and money.

Pending tasks board

This tool presents data from multiple nodes in a single view, facilitating access to information and to-do lists.

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